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Profile by Sanford Wafer Bar


And that’s just the first bite. Enjoy a Profile Wafer Bar with a thin layer of peanut butter or chocolate cream hugged by a light, crispy wafer coated in rich chocolate that doesn’t set back your health goals. 

Wafer Bar gas 10g of Protein
Dietary Fiber 2g Perserving
Wafer Bar has 1800 Calories
Double Chocolate Wafer Bar
Profile Double Chocolate Wafer Bar

Bite into a protein-packed snack that’s delightfully delicious. PROFILE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE WAFER BARS are layered with chocolate creme hugged by a light and crispy wafer. 


Profile by Sanford Peanut Butter Wafer

Crispy, delicious and flavorful. And that’s just the first bite. Enjoy a PROFILE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER WAFER BAR with thin layers of peanut butter and wafers, coated in rich chocolate.  


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