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Chocolate Mint Shake in Mason Jar and Straw with Chocolate and Mint Leaves

Mint Chip Shake


Eating better is about to get a fresh take. Treat yourself to the timeless combination of creamy chocolate and fresh mint with this irresistible shake. Our Mint Chip Shake puts a twist on a classic flavor combo and packs it with the nutrients you need – all at just 100 calories. Drink up!
Vanilla Caramel Nurture Shake mixed with oatmeal to show how the product can be used and is available to purchased online.

Vanilla Caramel Nurture Shake

Taking care of baby starts with taking care of you. Profile Nurture shakes are fortified with prenatal vitamins, minerals, probiotics and DHA to nurture your body and your baby – before, during and after pregnancy. Naturally sweetened with the creamy essence of vanilla and rich caramel, you’ll love making this shake part of your daily routine.
Three wafter bars stacked to show the product that can purchased online.

Double Chocolate Wafer Bar

Bite into a protein-packed snack that’s delightfully delicious. Profile Double Chocolate Wafer Bars are layered with chocolate creme hugged by a light and crispy wafer.